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0:00 - Intro with Joanna Junak

1:02 - Nancy Loucas on smoking and vaping in New Zealand today

7:45 - With Will Godfrey: two key recent studies support the efficacy of vaping and refute claims of harms. See the Filter article links below for more information on the studies.

10:26 - Harm Reduction experts Nancy Loucas, John Summers and Samrat Chowdhery share their thoughts on youth vaping

20:58 - We introduce our new series - GFN Voices

24:22 - Brent Stafford of Regwatch interviews Lindsey Stroud

46:53 - Closing remarks

Replication Study Confirms Vapes Reduce Heart Risks Compared to Cigarettes:

High-Nicotine Vapes Don’t Increase Nicotine Use Compared With Smoking, Study Finds: