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Peter: I just wish that more ice will be opened. Let me start with the Philippines. First and foremost, I hope that the vape law which was recently passed gets implemented in accordance with the wishes of the legislative or the people who approved it. As for the region, I just hope that the other regions or other countries within the Asia Pacific would follow suit and take notice of what has happened here in the Philippines. 2023, I think, Joanna, will be very interesting. We we did something here. We have accomplished something here in the Philippines, but it's only a battle that we have won. There are still a lot of regions, countries that hopefully, as I mentioned earlier, follow suit is what we have done here in the Philippines. So there's going to be a lot of stock sales, there will be a lot of negotiations and there will be a lot of debates involving THR. But rest assured, and I'm hopeful that our fellow advocates will not waver in their passion in advocating for tumba harm reduction.

Samrat: Okay, speaking for India and also broadly the Asian region, what I wish is that there is greater realization that there are millions of people who need help in quitting, in leading better and healthier lives, and the fact that giving them access to safer alternatives, safer nicotine alternatives, can help them do that. Most of these people are also coming from lower economic backgrounds. And I hope there's some realization within the authority that if they cannot provide them adequate health care, at least they can give them access to sabre nicotine alternatives and the correct information so that they can make informed choices about it. I also wish that more nations take heat from Philippines, which has recently enacted a very sensible wave radiation and see how it can be adapted to their countries so that while adult smokers can continue to have access, there's also adequate safeguards to prevent miners from accessing these devices. This thing copier. I expect there will be more greater pressure from the Bloomberg and the Wheels to ban these products, ban safer organizers, as who has taken a line that there is no safe product use while that is happening. I also expect that the user base for these products will also because more and more people, as they become aware that people have experienced products, will lead to shift irrespective of what the government policies are. And I also expect that the time tracking for the efficacy and also the risk production of these products will also go and there will be a greater awareness among lawmakers about the potential these products can have on the developing world. What I also feel is what I fear, in fact, is that the banks, they are going to turn these are going to be helpful innovations into something which is a problem because the black market in the black market, there's also proliferation of countries. So a mishap could happen in the future. And also the and the safeguard for access to miners has also been removed, so there could be an explosion in use. And I hope that we are authorities to understand that bands are actually creating a problem rather than solving it.