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Bengt: Of course, I would wish for an end of the Snus sales prohibition in the European Union. That is the most important thing because in Sweden the daily smoking rate is down to 5% and ammonia younger else between 16 and 26 year olds smoking rate is down to 3%. The second thing I would wish for is that all these talks coming from here and where Netherlands and other places talk about flavor bans. Flavor is just as important in e-cigarettes as in Snus, as in nicotine pouches, as in heat, not burn products, because smokers who quit, 90% of them, my guess, does not want to be reminded of how tobacco smells and tastes. They might want to go to mint or fruit flavor or licorice, anything else than smoky. So flavors are equally important for all safe and nicotine products and you should not meddle with that. And what else I would wish for, if I have three wishes I wish the World Health Organization would openly embrace tobacco harm reduction, just as the rest of the world is accepting tobacco harm reduction as a phenomena. We wear seatbelts when we drive a car. There's a program all over Europe for those using heavy drugs, needle exchange and whatnotes. So it's really bad for public health not to embrace openly also tobacco harm reduction. And if I have a fourth wish, is that the conference of the parties, the Cope Nine, I think it will be in Panama next year. This has to become transparent. We just had the Cope I don't know which number about the environment and the climate change. And there were people from the industry, people from universities, there were just interested, normal people and governments and everybody gathered together to have, how do you say, not closed in a box. To have an open discussion. We need to have an open discussion on the subject of nicotine and tobacco harm reduction. So that's what I would like to pass on for 2023.