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Clive: Well, what I'm hoping for worldwide is a chain of events that starts with young Midcareer scientists refusing to participate in the lying about THR through science that I hope would then trigger the Bloomberg complex to rethink its position on tobacco harm reduction and either stop their campaign in opposition or come on board in support. That in turn would trigger a rethink FDA, CDC, European Commission, World Health Organization because the activism against THR would stop seeing the changes happening elsewhere. The Chinese competitive reflex would then cut in and the Chinese would become pro THR and spread the approach through Asia. Finally, a lot of disreputable actors who have been holding back progress would leave the stage and end their careers in disgrace. What I think will happen is we will continue with a kind of standoff between consumers and market forces against tobacco control and regulators. I think regulators will mainly discover that most of what they do causes unintended consequences, either more smoking or illicit trade, black markets workarounds, and so on. However, there will be slow and steady progress like shifting tectonic plates. Consumer preferences will advance through word of mouth, if not through official communications. On the most part. There will, however, be more cases of deaths and diseases than are strictly necessary because the tobacco control community will be holding back progress. Those responsible for that will continue to evade accountability and continue with their mission. And then finally, I think we will see, very interestingly, the beginning of the end. We will see smoking amongst young people in rich countries fall to extremely low levels. And that tells us that over time we will see the end of the smoking epidemic, but people will not learn the right lessons from that.

John: Hello and seasons greetings from Toronto, Canada. So I've been asked what are my hopes for Christmas and for the year ahead? Well, for Christmas, what I would really like is a shiny new tobacco control directorate because the one I have at the moment isn't working. It seems to be broken beyond repair. It was supposed to produce a report on the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act and it doesn't seem able to do so and without having to sue it to see if that can happen. It was also supposed to make sure that Canadians were properly educated about the risks and benefits of vaping. But unfortunately it's still preventing the vaping industry from telling consumers that vaping is safer than smoking or that vaping can help to quit. Looking at the whole year ahead and a global perspective, there's three pieces of research I'd like to see done. I'd like us to finally end this debate about the long term effects of vaping. So maybe somebody could look at a couple of hundred people who ten years ago switched from smoking to vaping and look at how their health compares to match controls who spent the last ten years smoking. Secondly, I'd like one at least of the vaping manufacturers to decide to make vaping safety their number one priority and to become the Volvo or the Qantas of the vaping industry. And then having produced the world's safest vape, to market this through health industry, through physicians, through pharmacists and through health insurance companies. And the other piece of research I'd like to see done is how do we make vaping actually work for smokers as well as possible? So if we followed, say, a hundred smokers who bought their first bank, how many of those actually end up quitting smoking and converting to vaping? And how can we make that percentage as high as possible? Finally, I've got one other thought for the New year. At the moment, Canada and other countries around the world are knocking down statues of slave owners, imperialists and colonizers. And so we have all these empty plints that we have nothing to do with. I would love it if we started creating statues of Omnik, the inventor of the modern ecigarette, and putting him up on some of these plants. So, best wishes for the holiday season, and I hope to see some of you next year, either in Warsaw or somewhere else. Stay safe.