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Check out the latest GFN Voices episode, where we visit ISoNTech booths and interview William Yu (ICCPP Group) and Cherry Pan (SMISS).


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Joanna Junak: Hello, welcome to Warsaw. It's nice to see you at GFN and ISoNTech. Can you tell us what's your company name and where are you from?

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William Yu: Yeah, okay, it's our pleasure to be here because it's the first time and we are from the ICCPP group, which is a parent company of VooPoo. And we do think that it's our first time show here and we do link a lot in this company. We are from China, in Shenzhen, and we are the manufacturer of the vaping products.

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Joanna Junak: Okay, so can you tell us what your company does?

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William Yu: For our company, we are specialized in the atomization industry for a long time, almost like nine years. And we started from the open system - VooPoo, and then we established our GeneTree technology for the atomization for both closed-box systems and disposables. So we are in the future. And at the same time, we also have some technology for the development of in-open devices and also for the nicotine pouch for the future.

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Joanna Junak: Okay, and what do you think about this year's event, GFN and Isontech?

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William Yu: Oh, it's great because it's our first time here so I think it's a very good combination of the food industry because we are the manufacturer and at the same time we see a lot of brand owners and at the same time we see a lot of consumers' voice and also from the scientific engagement part. And we do think that it's a very good situation for the industry to come together to share our technology and to share our attitude for like sustainability, for like more convenient vaping products, nicotine pouch and safer products for switch of the original combustible smokers for a better choice.

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Joanna Junak: And what new products or research are you working currently on?

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William Yu: Because our company is more focused on the vaping category, so we are now working on how to make it more sustainable and how we have some new technology on the temperature control for the vaping products, including the closed-pod system and the disposable ones. Because you know that lower temperature is better, less of the release harmful components for the end-users. So this is our target to have a good like anti-dry burn and anti-leakage technology for a better consumer experience of our products. And at the same time like you can see from the logos that we have our cycle product and we discussed a lot on how to improve the sustainability for the disposable ones. I think it's also for the TPD's regulation in the future, more and more like a waste of the batteries into the components of disposables will be a problem for the environment. So that's why I think our cycle product can address this issue in the near future. And it needs the industry, not only us, but also for our partners, brand owners, to work together to educate the consumers how to recycle the disposable ones in a better way.

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Joanna Junak: Thank you so much and hope to see you next year in Warsaw.

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William Yu: Definitely. Thanks a lot, Joanna. And I really appreciate all of the event organizers.

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Joanna Junak: Thank you. Hello Cherry, it's nice to see and meet you in Warsaw. Can you tell us what's your company name and where are you from?

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Cherry Pan: Okay, thank you. I'm Cherry from SMISS. SMISS is one of the biggest manufacturers in China. We have dedicated in e-cigarette industry for more than 11 years. Yes, that's the first time we come here. It's a pleasure.

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Joanna Junak: And as it's your first time here on the exhibition, what do you think about it?

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Cherry Pan: Yes, it's our first time. We think it's a very good decision for us to be here because we can see there are so many people working in the industry to do the tobacco harm reduction project. We think we should also bring these ideas to China. As an e-cigarette manufacturer, we think we also should try our best to deliver more information on how our product is made and what are the tests we have done. Because we are also one of the company with the CNAS testing lab in China, only few company have it. So we think we should deliver more message, let people know us and know what we have done for tobacco harm reduction.

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Joanna Junak: Okay, so can you tell us what your company does?

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Cherry Pan: Right now for our own company, such as this time, you know, we have introduced our new technology, which is the tobacco flavor e-liquid with our new ceramic coil. Because for this, what we have done is also because we think for tobacco flavor will be one of the best alternatives for people who quit smoking. They can transfer to tobacco flavor vaping, means e-cigarettes. So this is for us also one of the things we have done. And also we have done a lot of studies in our research institute and also R&D. We have done a lot of research on the materials we use to make this, such as the ceramic and also the e-liquid. And also we have investigated and analyzed all the ingredients of the e-liquids to make sure it's safer and also it can reduce harm for the consumers. For the product and research, right now for our company, the most popular product right now is disposable. But we think as in Europe and also many other countries, we are talking about flavor ban and also we are talking about environmental issues we are facing for disposables. So we think that we also, actually four years before, two or three years before, we were also working on these port systems. We think maybe this is a better choice from environmental concerns and also from economic side of point and also talking about the choices of people. So we also work on this. So actually we are, our company, we have wide range of products, disposable, pod systems, heat not burn, you know, all this.

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Joanna Junak: Great. Thank you so much and hope to see you next year.

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Cherry Pan: Thanks a lot. It's a pleasure to be here. I think so we'll be here.

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Joanna Junak: Thank you.

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Cherry Pan: Thank you.