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In recent weeks the UK has announced a total ban on disposable vapes, with consternation and celebration from a broad range of stakeholders, experts and the general public - but will the government stop there? In this episode Michelle Jones (Editor of Ecigclick) deconstructs the factors influencing the government's proposal, and looks at the further restrictions on safer products that could be introduced.


0:00 - Coming up on today's programme
0:48 - Michelle's journey so far
2:14 - What's caused the UK's vaping u-turn?
7:09 - Will the UK disposable ban open the door for illicit vapes?
7:48 - Could a disposable vape ban prevent some smokers from quitting?
8:30 - Public support for UK's disposable vape ban
10:30 - Are flavoured vapes next?
12:16 - More funding for enforcement - will that be enough?
14:15 - Closing remarks